Natural Fat Burning Foods

best fat burning foodsWeight gain is an unfortunate part of life, particularly as we age. The issue for many of us now though is the age at which that weight piles on which is getting younger and that obesity in our young is becoming a pressing problem. There are some natural fat burning foods to consider in any weight loss regime and some of those will be considered in this article.
There are  a lot of misunderstandings around what you should and should not eat.
Here are some common misconceptions:

Best Fat Burning Foods


You may be surprised to learn that what you thought was good for you often isn’t and what you think you should avoid you should actually embrace. There are some natural fat burners that may well surprise you.
Whilst we are told to cut down on the oil, many weight loss loss guides tell you to substiture vegetable oil instead of butter or other oils. Vegetable oil we are told is a natural alternative. The issue is that most vegetable oil is made with corn, soybean or canola and the processing involved in the production of these oils strips all the healthy fats out and transforms them into that well known dieting and health enemy trans-fat. These will lie on your belly and can increase the risk of heart disease. burning belly fat
There is a surprising alternative and that is coconut oil. What I hear you say, isn’t that stuffed with all that dangerous saturated fat? Well yes it is, but very recent research has shown that all the furore about saturated fats was a real storm in a teacup. If you replace healthy saturated fat for the polyunsaturated fats found in that over processed vegetable oil then you are increasing your waistline and the risks of heart disease. Coconut oil on the other hand is safe and healthy and a proven fat burner used to speed up the metabolism. Coconut oil is not as bad as once thought and can be considered one of the more natural fat burning foods!

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Other Natural Fat Burners


Whilst bread would never cross your mind as a natural fat burner and is often actively avoided when dieting, it does in fact have its place in your fat burning armoury.
You probably avoid white bread first off. All those nasty refinements, ugh. Lets go for brown bread instead shall we? Most people would think that brown bread is healthier and better than white bread. The fact is that a lot of brown bread actually contains MORE refined flour than white and has the same toxic ingredients. Did you know that if you live in the US, your white bread contains potassium bromate and azodicarbonamide, substances banned in other countries but still approved for use in the US?
The alternative to all that processed bread is sprouted grain bread which contains considerable amounts of great vitaimins and packs a great deal more protein and fiber both of which are great fat burners. Cant find sprouted grain bread? 100% whole grain bread (with the name of the grain in the ingredients list is your next best bet.
fat burners for women

Fat Burning Foods For Women

Yes we know men and women are different but we do eat the same don’t we? Well there is a suggestion and it is no more than that, which is that more women eat chocolate. There is research showing that eating chocolate can actually reduce the stress hormone called cortisol which can in turn impact the metabolic rate- that thing we need to increase to burn off fat! Its not any old chocolate bar though, it’s the darker the better – at least 70% and it’s a small consumption of around 1 ounce daily, not a chocoholic feast day in day out!
Some natural fat burning foods work because they induce a strong thermic response- the digestive process involved actually burns the calories. An example of this is peanuts surprisingly but again don’t go overboard as they contain a lot of calories but as a snack, a few wont do you any harm and will help burn off that fat.
Other healthy fat burning foods include pears, similar to the peanut concept, they burn calories whilst digesting and grapefruit another fat burner in the digestive system. The skin of pears should be eaten as that is where all that healthy fibre is but you may not want to eat the skin of a grapefruit- nasty. The fruit itself is all fibre and very filling.
Having spoken about some of the myths surrounding natural fat burning foods, you will probably want to know more and I would suggest that you take a look at Nick Pineault and The Truth About Fat Burning Foods. It’s a real eye opener and will really help you with the dos and donts of belly fat burning foods.

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