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fat burning men
Most folks wanting to lose weight who join clubs and use all those dietary aids, are women. It’s a fact of life, women feel the need to keep the weight down more than men. Today however men are joining in fast and want to look good and feel healthy. The race is on and many of them are specifically looking for fat burning foods for men.

Are There Any Specific Belly Fat Burning Foods For Men?


The short answer is no, not really. There are foods that men prefer to eat and foods that women like but the fat burning properties of those foods that might help you lose weight are the same. As a generalization, women like chocolate, men like meat. Yes I know that’s a gross exaggeration but there are some fast fat burning foods that both sexes might want to consider and there are some misconceptions around all of this weight loss palaver that need straightening up.
If you look in your fridge before you start thinking about this so called fat burning diet for men, you may be surprised to learn that some of what you consider to be the healthy foods are far from it and some which you have considered no nos should actually be in your fridge or your store cupboard.
There are some surprising horrors in your home and the main culprit is trans fats. The dangers associated with these nasties were kind of covered up by the food industry for years and its ionly in the very recent past that the truth has come out. Research papers that showed trans fat heavy products like margarine far from being a fat burning alternative to butter had shocking health effects and the amounts of trans fat in the westernised world is responsible for the obesity crisis we now find ourselves in and why men are now looking for fast belly  fat burning foods to reverse the weight gains  and find their waistlines again.
fat burning men
Men tend to look for the type of diets which they consider more shall we say “manly”. Those based around the suggestion that the diet is of prehistoric origin or a caveman type diet appear to be particularly appealing.

Top Fat Burning Foods For Men

Yes there are a few but you may be surprised at some of the examples.
We are told only to eat cage free omega 3 eggs for example. Hen friendlier and an egg packs a fat burning punch. The only problem is that there is no legal definition of “cage free” and they can contain less than half of the promised omega 3 friendly fats promised on the labelling.fast fat burning foods
Avoid sugar and eat stevia or honey. Two problems here and if you want to avoid sugar or cut it down as you must if you are intent of busting that belly fat, some stevia isn’t all its cracked up to be and a lot of the honey available is fake. Some stevia brands (and stevia s all the rage at the moment) contain very high levels of dextrose commonly known as pure sugar.
Honey. Whilst there is no such thing as a fat burning sugar for men (or indeed for women) honey is often touted as the healthy alternative. A recent study found that as much as 75% of honey in the US is fake and don’t get me started on manuka honey. You need to be really careful and closely examine all packaging and buy from a reputable store, preferably direct from the honey producer themselves and there are plenty around.
Meat. The ultimate caveman product. There is nothing wrong with meat as a fat burning foodstuff, despite the bad press. Buy the premium grass fed beef for example and you may find that it has been grain fattened at the end which completely destroys both the ethos and the all natural fat burner called CLA which is packed into proper grass fed beef.
So men may want to consume those manly fat burning foods but there are a lot of holes to avoid and if you really want to know how to get that waist off with belly fat burning foods then you may be interested in The Truth About Fat Burning Foods. Its got a pretty long winded explanation of what it is and what it can do for you but the reviews are great, its got lots of useful information and food plans useful for thoselooking for those fat burning foods for men to shed those pounds naturally and safely.

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