Belly Fat Burning Foods

fat burners for womenWhen we are looking to lose weight, particularly around the waistline it is only natural that we should examine the sort of food we eat and our calorie intake. In combination with that you may be aware that there are some belly fat burning foods which, if they form part of your diet will accelerate the weight loss process.

This article will provide you with what you need to know about these sorts of foods and which ones to avoid. It is also true to say that there are a lot of myths about belly fat burning foods and this article will also aim to dispel some of those myths.

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So if you are looking at the sort of food you consume on a daily basis, it goes without saying of course that if you feast on junk food, the results will be there to be seen hanging around your waist line. It may be fine now, but trust me, years of eating rubbish will eventually catch up with you. Having said that, there is a case to be made for some junk food in your diet, but more of that later.

Natural Fat Burning Foods


Eating natural food appears to be the way forward, but is it? Fruit is great but it is full of sugar, albeit healthy sugar, it will still turn into calories if you just eat it and the effects on your digestive system could be, well quite dramatic if you are not careful!

Vegetables are a great food for those looking to lose weight but again everything in moderation and some food like corn for example, is full of sugar. See above!

burning belly fat

What then should you be looking for to ensure that the food you eat will help you to lose that weight?  Is there a way to lose that belly fat fast?The fact of the matter is that a lot of what you consider to be healthy food, even food labelled as such, is far from the sort of food you should be eating if you want to ensure that you burn that fat off as soon as possible with the least effort. Research is one thing of course but the internet is full of misinformation and it can be confusing to say the least. The important thing to take away from this article is don’t trust food labels even if you can begin to understand them that is!

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Your food store or your shopping list may be full of what you understand to be healthy foodstuffs but and this is associated with the last point- just because it is labelled as healthy doesn’t mean that it is.

The simple fact is that whilst we appear to be eating healthily, Americans and most of the westernized world is getting obese so something is out of kilter somewhere. The French on the other hand with their full fat cheese and copious amounts of red wine are one of the leanest races on the European continent, so what gives? In fact the French are getting bigger but that is a different story .There is now a lot of research taking place into the changes in French eating habits, but the fact remains that they appear to eat a very unhealthy diet but remain slim as the norm.

All of this points to another intriguing fact. We are constantly told that eating saturated fats like cheese is a no no if you are on a diet or trying to cut down the calories but what about the French? Their diet is full of cheese, cream and other “unhealthy” saturated fats. What if the perceived wisdom about saturated fats was wide of the mark and in fact they could be a fat burning food- wouldn’t that be great? No more lettuce leaves and more of the brie please!



Burning Belly Fat

So there are plenty of myths around what are and what are not belly fat burning foods.There are some foodstuffs you can enjoy and they will help you to take control of your waistline but like everything you do when on a diet it’s all about moderation.

There are foods you can eat which will help you scorch away the calories and others which can increase your metabolism which pretty much amount to the same thing. Fibre rich foods like whole grains take some digesting and that in itself makes the body work to burn it up. Fibre itself is a great part of a healthy diet and it’s not just whole grains but many vegetables ( in their natural state) also contain considerable amounts of fibre. Those can form a great part of a fat burning diet.

Protein rich foods like meat also help with the fat burning process so increase the amount of, preferably lean meat, in your diet.

You may have heard of the health giving properties of green tea- yes it takes some getting used to but once you do its very refreshing and it has some considerable fat burning uses as well. It has been found that a compound found in the tea does speed up the metabolic rate. Clearly you need more than a sip of it but keeping some in a flask or iced in the fridge will help you to keep up the intake.


Beans and pulses like lentils are fabulous for helping you increase fibre and the metabolic rate and fiery red peppers like chillies contain something called Capsaicin, the compound responsible for the heat which in turn makes your body hotter and helps you to burn off those calories.

Clearly there are some foods which will help you in your weight loss efforts but as you have probably surmised, there are some fat burning myths around and it has to be said that the “healthy food” industry with its low fat, low carb meals fuels those myths. It is possible to eat the sort of foods you enjoy without having to ingest lentils and green tea every day. What? You may be able to go out with friends and eat with them without having to toy with a salad while they stuff themselves stupid? Yes it is possible to do this but you need to know the rules and facts.

Facts:- your healthy food cupboard could be far from that. Your shopping list full of fat free and low carb foods could be making you actually increase your weight. Fact- some so called “super foods” are from it and there are some supplements which can actually help where others can hinder your weight loss efforts. Do you know which are which?

If you want to know more about what are and what are not belly fat burning foods from someone who has spent the last seven years researching this and is a self confessed nerd then you should take a look at Nick Pineaults book  The Truth About Fat Burning Foods for a great deal more information than this short article can give you. It’s a fascinating read and you will find that eating some “junk food” can actually help with your weight loss. Losing weight need not be an awful soul destroying chore after all!






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